What is a team Bike?

  • Team-Bikes: A team-bike is a non-motorized four (4) or more wheeled bicycle-like vehicle that is human powered, transports passengers on modified bicycle-like seats and is propelled by 4 to 10 passengers, not including the driver. A team-bike may have a maximum length of twenty (20) feet, a maximum width of eight (8) feet six (6) inches and a maximum height of twelve (12) feet.

Who drives the Team-Bike?

  • Team-Bike Driver: Any person who is responsible for the safe operation of a team-bike, including but not limited to the steering and braking and maintaining compliance with all state and local traffic regulations.

What is a Street Pedal Cruiser?

  • The Street Pedal Cruiser is a rolling bar (think non-alcoholic) on wheels powered by the people!! It is a team bike which is powered by the pedaling of up to 10 people. There is also a bench on the back which seats an additional two or three people, plus room for your own bar tenders.

Where do Tours and Activities Take Place?

  • The Street Pedal Cruiser team-bikes can be used at resorts, business conferences, birthday parties, wedding parties, as a tourist attraction.

Is it Safe?

  • Absolutely! With the addition of handrails, seatbacks and seat belts, we surpass all requirements for safe operation and offer the most safety options in the industry.

Can I Drink on the Tours?

  • Current laws will not permit the service or consumption of alcohol while on the Street Pedal Cruiser, however, you encouraged to bring water or any other non-alcoholic beverage and snacks to enjoy as you tour. You may also enjoy the offerings of the bars and restaurants on the tour stops.

What Now?

  • Book your bachelor or bachelorette party, group, team or individual tour today, or rent a Team-Bike for your next office gathering, retreat, or business grand opening. Bring your Bluetooth enabled playlist, or just plug your device into the USB port and have fun. You’ll be glad you did!